These are a few of the people who keep the Live Out Loud ministry going strong… you’ll see them on a Wednesday night, but how much do you really know about them??? These leaders are happy to help you in your journey with the Lord by pointing you in the right direction, but will never take credit for what they have done… because God deserves all of the glory!

James Cook, Youth Pastor
     Information coming soon...

James Cook

Willy Agostini, Computer/Video Production
- The Computer Guy
- Important Fact: Willy once lost in arm wrestling to
Snuf-a-lufagus(picture below).

Men of Integrity

Willy Agostini

Mike Bill, Audio/Lights Production
- A.K.A: DJ Smickety Smack
- Important Fact: Mike prefers Egg Drop soup over Won Ton soup

Men of Integrity

Amy Bill

Mike Bill
Greg Renfrow, Lights Production
- A.K.A: Light Master Flash
- Q & A... Which Sesame Street character do you most resemble?
- Answer: Snuf-a-lufagus
Greg Renfrow
Andrew Slatter, Multimedia/Computer Production
- A.K.A: The Enforcer
- Important Fact: Andrew makes sure that he gets all five of his fouls in each basketball game.
Andrew Slatter


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